The 10 BEST State Parks in America for RVing

On today’s episode we take you around the country with us to explore the top 10 BEST State Parks in America for RVing. We visited 40 states and traveled more than 16,000 miles with our RV in 2018. During that time we stayed at more than 100 places ranging from RV resorts to Walmart parking lots and everything in between. Almost every single state park we camped in was incredible, so we challenged ourselves to pick our ten favorite. We even have a bonus entry at the end of our list – a National Park that we were able to fit our 37′ rig into!

State Parks mentioned in this episode:

Blackwater River State Park, FL
Lake Havasu State Park, AZ
Henrys Lake State Park, ID
Elephant Butte Lake State Park, NM
Brantley Lake State Park, NM
Collier Memorial State Park, OR
Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area, IA
Lake Livingston State Park, TX
O’Leno State Park, FL
Hamlin Beach State Park, NY
BONUS: Belle Fourche River Campground at Devil’s Tower, WY

Let us know your favorite state parks in the comments! If you’ve stayed at any of the ones on our list, let us know: what did you think?

10 Best State Parks in America

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