Complete Map of Our Full-time Adventure

We launched our full-time RV life on December 26, 2017 with the goal of visiting the lower 48 states within 18 months. On June 18, 2019 we crossed the border into Nebraska – our 48th state – so we met our goal with 8 days to spare! Our full-time journey has come to an end as we set up a new home base in Colorado, but RVing and travel will still be a top priority in our lives. Our blogging, vlogging, and Instagramming is far from over, so stay tuned!

The map on this page shows our entire journey over those 18 months of full-time RV life. Every stop is noted below as well as a quick little sentence or two about the location. If you want any more details or our thoughts on any of them, feel free to reach out and ask! The pins are also numbered to show you how we have moved along our route (starting in coastal Virginia).

Here are the final numbers for our adventure:


Our Travel Map



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