Cleaning Brooke’s Room

Here’s a quick little timelapse of us clearing out Brooke’s room. We’re getting the house ready for listing next week, and that means a ton of cleaning needs to be done.

We had been using Brooke’s room as a staging area for the last couple weeks. It was full of stuff to donate, stuff to consign, and stuff that just hadn’t been organized or tossed. Brooke and Terra have been sleeping in the same bed (their choice) for about 4 months now, so this room has just been sitting and collecting more and more stuff.

Clearing a room out feels so good. It’s one more item on the list to mark as complete.

Later This Week

We’re headed up to Hershey, PA this weekend for the Hershey RV Show and we’re also going to swing by Hershey Park for a few hours while we’re in the area. This trip should also bring about the first episode of our vlog, so keep an eye out for that in about a week.

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