Planning Before We Go

We decided on our travel trailer about 3 weeks ago and purchased it last Friday. We are picking it up this Friday (in 2 days!!) and bringing it home. We are having family and friends over the next day to check it out, open house style, to assuage some of their fears about where we will be living for the next months/years. I am sure there will be a NEW video up chronicling the last few weeks and the unveiling this weekend or early next week. Stay tuned for that!

We have a rough idea of what our first Quest as full-timers will be. Some reservations have been made, some must-see stops have been identified, visits to see family and friends have been added, and time to explore new places has been allotted for. We have been using Roadtrippers a ton to help map out our route and keep track of reservations and hard dates. It has been helpful in many areas but lacking in some others. We will write (or vlog) plenty more about this as we get further into our prep and actual traveling.

Some days I want to leave immediately and start our new adventure. Other days I’m anxious about this next step for our family. The girls are very excited about moving into the “homebus” next month and can’t wait to spend the night in it when we bring it home this week. Terra, the oldest, has already shared some interesting ideas she has regarding her own homeschooling/roadschooling/unschooling. This is lovely, as a mother and teacher, to hear.

Brian and I are slowly acquiring the needed items to travel and live comfortably in our RV (thank you Amazon Prime). We have also been discovering all the little things that need to be considered when one does not have a permanent residence and is constantly on the move. Having three young children (1, 3, and 8 years old) and a dog add extra considerations when planning activities and deciding on where to visit.

We are up for the challenge and are focused on the outstanding experience this will be for our family!

3 thoughts on “Planning Before We Go

  • Brenda Baynham

    So very awesome. Can’t wait to follow you guys.

  • Allison

    Just one dog? What happened to the other?

    • Brian

      Pixel doesn’t travel well and will most likely bark at literally everything she sees, so she is staying with Mom. Vector is pretty chill and should do very well.

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