IKEA Love Story | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 14

This week we catch up on some of our to-do list and take you along for the ride. We also explain our love ? for IKEA and how oddly central it has been to our life together.

First on our list was to finish moving our domicile to Texas. This only took a couple quick trips to the tax office and DMV in Livingston, Texas, and now we’re officially Texans! We’re pretty sure we have to go buy 10-gallon hats, cowboy boots, and huge belt buckles now. We’ve already got the big truck ?

After two months of restless nights on our RV mattress, we decided enough was enough. The next destination on our list was IKEA, where we hoped to find a new mattress to soothe our aching backs. The best part about a visit to IKEA is Smalland, where the girls can play for an hour and a half and we can get some shopping done with just the littlest in tow. He’s so sweet and adorable when he gets some alone time with us. We were able to find the perfect mattress, along with some other knickknacks and some meatballs of course.

Once we got the mattress back home and set up, we needed to pick up a couple more creature comforts for the RV. Erin was able to find a rug that matched our RV’s carpet almost perfectly. As an added bonus, it’s nice and soft so it gives the kids (and the dog ?!) a great new space to play while we keep up with our shows and movies.