Austin, TX and Laundry Day! | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 18

The capital of the great state of Texas has a ton to do, even if you only have a couple days to visit like we did. Over the course of a three-day visit we got some delicious doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts, toured the State Capitol building, took a walk through history at the LBJ Presidential Library, and even had time left over to take care of some laundry!

The mad scientists at Voodoo Doughnuts are, well, mad! They whip up a crazy amount of massive and delicious doughnuts every day, and we decided to take a crack at downing 6 of them. We did a pretty good job, and the sugar rush that followed powered us through the rest of the day.

The Texas State Capitol building is an awesome, near-replica of the Capitol in DC, but this one is made out of local red granite and is slightly larger! This largest of state capitol buildings is free to visit and very much worth the trip. There’s even a cool “easter egg” you can experience when you visit – watch the video to find out where 😉

Over on the University of Texas’s campus sits the LBJ Presidential Library. Prior to this trip we had only been to the Bush Library in Dallas, and all of the events and artifacts there were familiar to us. LBJ was well before our time, so we learned a ton about his impact on this country during his short tenure in office. This is definitely another must-visit when you’re in Austin!

And finally – laundry. Doing laundry while living full-time in an RV presents some challenges, so Erin and Terra decided to put together a little video for everyone on what it’s like for us.