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White Sands and Astronauts | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 21

White Sands National Monument is hard to describe – it appears to be dunes of fluffy white snow stretching endlessly towards the horizon, but beneath the clear blue skies it can get dangerously hot. The beauty of the place is undeniable though, and it was such an amazing place that we made three visits during our short time in Alamogordo. We climbed, went sledding, explored the wondrous beauty, and ultimately fell in love with this magical stretch of white sand.

The white sand dunes aren’t the only thing fun to do in the area though! We spent half a day in the New Mexico Museum of Space History, including a show in the newly-refurbished planetarium. That wasn’t all great with such small kids though, so we made sure to let them play in the astronaut dress-up area afterward 🙂 We had quite an adorable set of little astronauts on our hands! We finished up our time in Alamogordo at a meetup with other full-time RV families, and we always love getting to spend time with other families on a journey like us!