Exploring Monument Valley | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 26

There are few places as strikingly magical as Monument Valley, and being able to park our RV pretty much across the road in Goulding’s Campground and see the towering structures from our living room was incredible. From the first second that you see one of the enormous buttes rising above the horizon you can’t help but be enchanted. It’s no wonder then that this area is held so sacred by the local tribes and is protected so closely by them. Dozens of movies have used the valley as their backdrop, and who could blame them!

We went out for an early-morning drive on the 17-mile loop road that snakes through the various buttes, mesas, and spires that dominate the landscape. There are tons of places to stop and explore, and there’s an amazing new view from every angle. Ride along with us in the morning sun and experience the awe of this incredible place.

The next day was Easter, and luckily the Easter Bunny was able to find us even though we were on the road! The kids had a great time finding eggs around our campsite, and then we put on our hiking shoes and went on the Hidden Arch Trail that started right next to our campground. It was great being able to turn around and see our rig when we were up at the top of the trail!