Disneyland! | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 34

We have been to Disney World several times since we’re from the east coast, so we wanted to check out Disneyland and see how it compares. We were able to take Vector along with us because both the hotel and Disneyland had accommodations for dogs, so we went into the city the day before our Disneyland visit and checked out Huntington Dog Beach to get our first taste of the Pacific Ocean.

After finally getting in the Pacific, we turned our sites back into the city and got all set up at the hotel. Since it was only a short walk from Disneyland, we decided to head towards the parks and check out Downtown Disney the night before so we could see where everything was located so we wouldn’t get lost in the morning. After a successful scouting trip in the gorgeous Los Angeles evening weather, we called it a night and got ready for the big day.

Everyone had a ton of fun! We rode new rides, checked out rides that are at both parks (including It’s A Small World, which is so much better in LA), and got to do meet and greets with a whole bunch of Disney and Marvel characters. It was a super successful trip and we all had a fantastic day.

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  • Brian Lally

    So glad that you are seeing American and having a great time. Miss you! Dad.

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