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The Best Hikes for Kids in Redwood National Park | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 42

Redwood National Park is full of beautiful trails and coastline to explore so picking which hikes to go on with our kids was tough. We’re pretty sure we made the right decisions though as the Fern Canyon Trail and Trillium Falls Trail were both absolutely incredible experiences for everyone. Fern Canyon is at the end of a pretty long and rough road, but it’s worth the effort to get to. Some scenes from Jurassic Park 2 were filmed in the canyon and it’s very easy to see why – everything feels huge and prehistoric as you hike up the river into the canyon. It is our favorite hike on this trip so far by a large margin.

The next day we checked at the Trillium Falls Trail and Agate Beach at Patricks Point. While the Trillium Falls trail was long with quite a bit of elevation gain, it’s like wandering through the forest moon of Endor. The huge old-growth redwoods were the perfect choice for the Ewok’s home planet because it feels otherworldly and overwhelming to walk among those giants. Our final stops in Northern California were Agate Beach and Wedding Rock, both of which vaulted to the top of our list for most beautiful coastline that we’ve encountered. Both are just stunning.