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Yellowstone Live-ish Day 1: Geysers Galore! | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 43

Inspired by National Geographic’s “Yellowstone Live” event going on right now, we have decided to vlog our visit to Yellowstone in real time too! We’re exploring Yellowstone for four days from August 5th-8th. There will be one episode for each day we spend in the park, and we’re going to release them the day after we visit. So it’s not quite live – it’s live-ish!

On our inaugural trip into the original National Park we head south to visit Old Faithful. After arriving just in time to see an eruption we completed a large loop through the southern part of the park and got treated to a truly beautiful sunset in Hayden Valley. Lots of elk and bison were on hand to entertain the kids, and there were more geysers and hot springs than we could shake a stick at. Ride along and check it out!

Yellowstone National Park Geysers