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Yellowstone Live-ish Day 2: In Hot Water | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 44

Inspired by National Geographic’s “Yellowstone Live” event going on right now, we have decided to vlog our visit to Yellowstone in real time too! We’re exploring Yellowstone for four days from August 5th-8th. There will be one episode for each day we spend in the park, and we’re going to release them the day after we visit. So it’s not quite live – it’s live-ish!

For our second trip into the glorious Yellowstone National Park we decided to head north and find somewhere to get in the water. There are only a few areas that are safe (and legal) to swim at, so we chose the Boiling River area of the Gardner River. The Boiling River itself is WAY too hot to get into, but where it meets the frigid waters of the Gardner it is actually a really nice temperature to get into. It’s only a matter of a few inches in either direction to go from wicked cold to super hot, but once you find the right spot it’s pretty awesome.

Along the way we also made a quick side trip to the Artist’s Paint Pots – an area absolutely covered in vibrantly colored steaming water and mud. Yellowstone is a pretty amazing place – come check it out with us!

Yellowstone National Park Boiling River