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Yellowstone Live-ish Day 3: Rainbows and Steam | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 45

Inspired by National Geographic’s “Yellowstone Live” event going on right now, we have decided to vlog our visit to Yellowstone in real time too! We’re exploring Yellowstone for four days from August 5th-8th. There will be one episode for each day we spend in the park, and we’re going to release them the day after we visit. So it’s not quite live – it’s live-ish!

Before heading into the park today we decided to check out the little town of West Yellowstone, MT to try and find some souvenir shirts for the kids. We may have also been on the hunt for delicious baked goods… Our third trip into Yellowstone National Park took us back down towards the southwestern corner of the park where most of the geothermal activity can be found. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes for a parking spot we were able to walk up to Grand Prismatic Spring to get a good look at all of its beautiful colors. The largest geyser in the world, Excelsior, is also there and boy is it HUGE. Luckily it hasn’t erupted for more than 30 years because we wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that monster when it blows.

After leaving the Grand Prismatic area we went back down to Old Faithful. Our timing was awesome again today and we arrived only 15 minutes before the next eruption. After getting sprayed by stinky geyser water we checked out the visitor center. We made sure to bring along the infrared thermometer today so we could check out just how hot some of those steam vents and hot springs are. We saw temperatures all the way up to 190F!

Yellowstone National Park Grand Prismatic Spring