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Mount Rushmore is Awesome! | RVing South Dakota

After a long trek across Montana and Wyoming, we’ve made it to the Black Hills area of South Dakota and its crowning jewel: Mount Rushmore! Today’s grey weather and smoky air wasn’t enough to keep us away from visiting this huge monument to four truly great American leaders. All three kids got Junior Ranger books and all three completed them, which was really awesome! The visitor center and museum was very well done and incredibly educational. There were a lot of cool artifacts from the construction and carving of this mammoth memorial.

The second destination for today was Custer State Park just to the south of Mount Rushmore, and we were in search of bison. We didn’t find any on our drive, but we did find a ton of deer and a small family of turkeys that the kids absolutely loved. Even though we didn’t find much in the way of wildlife, the drive alone was incredible! The Iron Mountain Road that got us to the park has more than 300 curves, 14 switchbacks, 3 pigtails, and 3 tunnels in 17 miles with several different views of Mount Rushmore along the way! It was an awesome find and we all had a bunch of fun riding on it.

Visiting Mount Rushmore National Monument