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Bison Encounter in Badlands National Park | Five 2 Go Vlog Ep. 49

The Black Hills area of South Dakota is absolutely full of things to do and see, so our second outing during our time there was to Badlands National Park. Before getting to the park though, you drive through the quaint little town of Wall – and Wall, South Dakota is known for one very, very large thing: Wall Drug. We spent about two hours exploring every nook and cranny of Wall Drug before getting back on the road.

Farther down the road, and right outside Badlands National Park, you’ll find Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. We didn’t have time for a proper tour, but we made sure to swing by for our passport stamp and to check out the museum really quick. It’s a neat little stop and we’d love to go back sometime and take a tour of one of the decommissioned ICBM silos.

And then we finally made it to Badlands, and boy was it worth the wait! We were immediately greeted by the most fascinating rock structures absolutely covered with a wide array of colors. As we made our way across the park the colors changed, the rock formations changed, and it all eventually gave way to a gorgeous prairie. The icing on the cake during our visit to Badlands National Park definitely had to be getting stopped on the road by an entire herd of bison. We were completely surrounded and got an amazing close-up glimpse at those magnificent animals.

Bison Encounter in Badlands National Park