Road to 10k Giveaway!

We’re almost up to 10k subscribers on YouTube!

Getting to 10k subscribers is a huge milestone and we’re really excited that we’re so close. We decided to put together a giveaway as a big “thank you” to all of you for supporting us on our journey. We’ve gathered up a couple things we love and want to give one of them to you!

  • $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Canvas Shoe Pocket Organizer
  • USA Scratch-off Travel Map

Check out the form below and follow the instructions to enter the drawing. If you complete all of the entry actions your name will be entered into the drawing 5 times! This giveaway is only running for two weeks, so make sure you get all your entries in before midnight EST on October 9th, 2018!

One last thing – because this giveaway is all about getting to 10k subscribers on YouTube, you have to subscribe to our channel to enter – the other 4 entries are completely optional but will increase your odds of winning. Good luck!

Enter Here:

Five2Go Giveaway

NOTE: Make sure to hit “Continue” after each of your actions until they’re all complete!

36 thoughts on “Road to 10k Giveaway!

  • John Blascak

    Love the videos keep them coming.

  • Susan Eager

    Really enjoy your vlogs

  • Heading South sounds like a good idea for winter! Safe travels!


  • Sue M

    Have fun roaming the country side. Wish I could. Maybe someday. Oh I entered your giveaway :)

  • Colleen

    Love following your journey!

  • Maggie Alexander

    I love your family. Thank you for taking us with your family on this adventure 🙂

  • Great vids guys! We could definitely use that map though. Going full time next summer with my wife and three girls. ?✌️ Do y’all plan on doing a meet up in Williamsburg? We’re in Chesapeake. We’re curious about that Thousand Trails site and are looking at the same trailer you got. If not, maybe by we’ll catch you on the road some time. ?

    • Brian

      We’d love to get together while we’re in the area! I don’t think we’re going to schedule a larger meetup, but we can definitely figure out some way to hook up. If y’all are up for a drive, we’d be happy to have you over and show you the rig. Shoot us an email at

  • Sonya Platt

    I shared you with our GD family & encouraged fellow gd’ers to follow what a great family! Keep it coming!

    • Brian

      Thanks Sonya! Out of curiosity, where did you share us with other GDers? One of the Facebook groups?

  • Marie

    I look forward to every episode. Keep them coming.

  • Luz

    I love your family!! Thank you for taking us with your family on this adventure!!!

  • Laurie

    I have enjoyed watching your videos. I am so envious of your life.

  • Jody Strauch

    Always fun catching up with you all.

  • Shannon B

    Your videos are informative and fun! One of my favorite places is Chicago and I believe you have been there already. I also enjoy Nashville TN which is my home town area!

    • Brian

      Chicago was really cool! I think we’re going to try and go back sometime and spend more time. Nashville is still on our list, probably for next year.

  • Katherine D.

    Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places. I can’t wait to take my daughter there.

  • Chris

    Looking forward to seeing your videos from Disney world!

  • George Vak

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Shondra

    I really enjoy watching your videos.

  • Justin Hatchner

    I was able to catch up on all of your videos last week. Thanks for taking us around the United States. I can’t wait to get back and into our new rig! Maybe we can do a meetup somewhere along the east coast next year.

    • Brian

      Awesome! What rig do you have and how much time do you get to spend out in it?

  • Karen

    We are getting ready to retire soon and one of the things we would love to do is travel. We love adventures and are looking into possibly getting some kind of RV. Nothing is etched in gold yet, but that is a distinct possibility for our future.

  • Emily Campbell

    I love the map!!! We have a grand design Imagine 36ft trailer and I would love to keep track of our travels with that map! Thanks for sharing your travels.

  • Love following y’all on Instagram! We hope to be full-timers in 2019! Love all the tips! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • That is a really cool map! Congratulations on this huge milestone ??

  • Just found your page through Happy Loud Life and excited to check out some of your videos!

  • I just love watching your family your so inspiring thank you

  • PJ Stramer

    So glad we found you via KYD. Wish the timing had worked out so you could have made it to the GD Owners North East Rally. The kids would love the resort here 🙂 Continued safe travels to the Mouse House ?

  • Such an awesome journey you guys are on.

  • Christy

    Love that map!

  • We love your tours. We are a traveling family too! We are switching from an Airstream to a Grand Design. Your tours were so helpful! We love to travel to the Big Bend region of West Texas.

  • John Mendez

    We just bought a new 2019 Reflection 312BHTS! Thank you so much for the factory tour video!

  • Brianna

    So glad I came across your Blog courtesy of Happy Loud Life sharing it! We have 4 homeschooled kids who I can’t wait to do a full change in our lives to join the full time families community! Love following those already doing it!

  • What an interesting way to chronicle your journey! I’m in!

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