How Our RV Was Made: Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS Factory Tour | Five2Go Vlog Ep. 52

We were invited to Grand Design’s factory in Middlebury, Indiana for a private tour, and to make it even better they just happened to be making a batch of brand new Reflection 312BHTS – our trailer! Our gracious host and amazing tour guide, Tom Holt, took us all the way down the line to see how our trailer was built from an empty frame to rolling out the door.

We saw how the tanks go in, how the flooring is attached, the evolution of the furniture, fixtures, and walls, and we even got to see all of the layers of the roof above our heads. The coolest part was the slides though – until they’re put in way down towards the end of the line, the trailer has three huge holes! It was really fascinating to see the process, and we couldn’t have been luckier with our timing where we got to see our actual floorplan under construction. It was an awesome experience and we hope you enjoy going along with us!

This video was not sponsored by Grand Design. We were provided a free place to camp for two nights while we visited their facilities, but this is also available to all other Grand Design owners as well.

Grand Design RV Factory Tour