Daily Vlogging Week Two

Our second week of daily vlogging was super eventful! We surprised Grandma by getting back to Williamsburg early, we organized a bunch of areas in our RV, we went trick-or-treating (for the first of three times this month, haha!), and we answered YOUR questions. Check it all out below, and remember to subscribe to our channel and like, comment, and share every episode!

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Ten Months Around the Country & Surprising Grandma

In today’s episode we finally make it back to where our adventure started: Williamsburg, VA. We’re only here for five weeks to catch up with family and friends though – this journey is FAR from over!

We sped up our travel plans a bit so we could show up and surprise Grandma early ? Our plan worked and we caught her completely unaware, and the kids were overjoyed to see her. Erin was also thrilled to see her van, but it needs a bit of cleaning after sitting under a bunch of pine trees for so long. We ended the day by leaving the girls with grandma and going out to dinner and shopping with just Ben. Getting the kids in smaller numbers is always a welcome treat!


Our Favorite Place From Our First Year of RV Travel

In today’s episode we answer the question we get from EVERYONE we meet. From friends and family to complete strangers, the first question is always the same: “What’s your favorite place that you’ve been?” We also talk about what it feels like to be back where we started in Virginia (but only for 5 weeks!) and share our spaghetti dinner with you.


RV Bedroom Organization and Closet Storage | Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

In today’s episode we tackle the storage areas in our master bedroom. We removed everything in each cabinet and closet, pulled things out for donation or trash, and put the rest back in a more organized way. This project also required a quick trip down the road to TJ Maxx and Walmart for some more storage supplies.


Work, Play, and Getting Back to Choir Practice

In today’s episode we take it kind of easy after all of the cleaning yesterday. Terra and Brian get some work and homeschooling done, then everyone spends some time on the playground before heading to Grandma’s for dinner. Erin was overjoyed to get back to her old church to practice with the choir in preparation for a concert next month.


RV Kitchen Organization and Downsizing | Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

In today’s episode we pull everything out of the kitchen cabinets, get rid of things we’ve never used, and reconfigure our storage to better fit how we use our kitchen. You’ll how we handle our big, heavy, bulky items like the Instant Pot, our electric skillet, and our pots and pans. We also show how we decided to store our mixing bowls, paper products, and utensils. Plus we clean out our junk drawers!


RV Lessons, RVing With a Dog, and Other Viewer Questions Answered

We asked for your questions earlier this week and now we’re here to answer them! In today’s episode you’ll learn about what we could’ve done better, lessons we’ve learned from a year in an RV, what it’s like living full-time in this rig, tips for bringing a dog along with you, and what we’re going to make money while we travel.


RV Campground Trick or Treating and a HUGE Candy Haul

In today’s episode we go trick-or-treating for the first of two times this Halloween season! The campground we’re staying at hosts Halloween festivities for the two weekends leading up to Halloween so we were able to get in on the action for the one weekend that we’re here. All three kids had a blast, and our candy haul was ridiculous!

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