Announcing the Five2Go Amazon Storefront

We were recently selected as an Amazon Influencer and just finished setting up our Five2Go Amazon Storefront for y’all. This awesome new program from everyone’s favorite online retailer allows people like us to put together custom lists of products that we love and recommend to others. We decided to start out with five lists covering everything from RV Newbie Gear to Our Camera Gear. Hit this button to see everything in one place, or scroll down for a quick breakdown of what’s in each category.

Using our Amazon links is a small way to help keep our channel going that doesn’t cost you anything more than what you spend on Amazon.

Essential RV Newbie Gear

Essential RV Newbie GearThis list is pretty much everything we use to get our RV set up in a campground. If you are RVing in a Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel and buy one of each of these items, you’ll be able to get your rig level, keep it from rolling and shaking, and hook up all of your utilities safely and efficiently. We also tossed in some outdoor mats and the multi-probe thermometer that we love.

RV Organization & Cleaning

RV ORganization and Cleaning

We put together this list to give you a good idea of the products we use to keep our rig clean and tidy. This covers all the tools and gadgets we use, so just add your favorite cleaning products (we love 409 and Clorox Wipes) and you’ll be all set. You’ll also find command hooks, pantry bars, and a couple other little things that help keep drawers and other small spaces organized.

RV Cooking Essentials

RV Cooking Essentials

In this list you’ll find all of our major cooking appliances and a variety of gadgets to help with prep and cleanup. Every RVer’s favorite, the Instant Pot, makes an appearance as well as a really solid electric skillet and the best grill/griddle money can buy.

Tech and Entertainment

Tech and Entertainment

RV Life isn’t spent entirely outdoors. In fact, we spend most of it in the rig, and we use a lot of electronics to keep everyone entertained. This list includes our favorite Kindle Fire Kids Edition Tablets, some game consoles, and some other items we use to keep everything powered and connected. Your family’s needs will probably be a little different from ours, but this is a good starting point.

Our Camera Gear

Our Camera Gear

Vlogging takes a lot of hardware! Here’s what we use to record and share our journey online. We’ve recently switched to shooting daily vlogs, and that is done 100% on the GoPro Hero 7 Black, but this list includes everything we’ve picked up over the past year to put together our weekly travel vlog. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you’d need, but this is a great core setup to film almost anything you may encounter in your own travels.

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