Our First Week of Daily Vlogging

Inspired by the brand-new GoPro Hero 7 Black, we’ve decided to go from posting vlogs once a week to posting episodes every day! I found the big DSLR camera to be obtrusive and difficult to carry around while also managing three kids, plus there were so many accessories and attachments to carry around just in case that it became too cumbersome to use as often as I would have liked. When reviews of the new Hero 7 Black started coming out I was immediately interested in what that little thing could accomplish. Not only was the picture great, as is the case on most GoPro models, but it was also delivering vastly improved audio quality and gimbal-like built-in stabilization. These two huge upgrades in this model are what sold me, so we picked one up and couldn’t be happier.

Our last “regular” weekly vlog was actually a gear rundown of what’s in my camera bag and some quick thoughts on the Hero 7 Black. We weren’t really planning on going daily so soon – I thought we’d switch over when we get down to Florida and have all the parks to go to – but it was so easy to just pick up the Hero and start shooting that we decided to just go for it!

We’ve posted daily since that gear episode went live, so here’s a quick rundown of the week in case you’ve missed anything. We post new episodes every day at 2pm Eastern, make sure you subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of them.


Halloween Costume Haul & Hershey’s Chocolate World

It’s our first episode filmed exclusively on the new GoPro Hero 7 Black! Ride along with us as we go to Goodwill for some cheap Halloween costumes for the kids, the post office to drop off some postcards for our Patrons, and then to Hershey’s Chocolate World for way, way too much candy.

This episode is also the first of many where we’ll be showing off our day-to-day life as a full-time RV family. Not every day is an awesome visit to somewhere beautiful – in fact, many are just normal days hanging around the house (RV) doing chores, homeschool, and work. We think you’ll enjoy our antics though, especially from our three ridiculous redheads ?


RV Moving Day & Something New for Dinner

It’s another moving day! We’re headed south to Delaware, slowly getting closer to home for the holidays.

After a fairly quick drive we got all set up and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We have recently found, and fell in love with, these awesome Street Kitchen spice kits, so tonight we cooked up the Chicken Tikka Masala one with some rice. Terra worked on a rainbow unicorn string art craft before cleaning her room while we cooked.


Halloween Shopping at Target & Announcing our GIVEAWAY WINNERS

In our final day in Delaware we went down to the First State National Historical Park, popped over to Target for some more Halloween stuff, had a delicious dinner at Red Robin, and wrapped up the day by announcing the three winners of our giveaway.


RV Homeschool, Moving Day Setup & Another Instant Pot Dinner

Today’s moving day takes us from Delaware to New Jersey, including a drive across a very large bridge that scares Erin quite a bit. After surviving the drive, she walks us through her opening and setup routine with the RV after a moving day. She also gives a quick overview of the homeschool routine, schedule, and materials she uses with Terra, our fourth grader.Then it’s on to another Instant Pot dinner – a delicious pork loin filet with Erin’s famous mashed potatoes.


Baby Shark is Our Soundtrack

In today’s vlog we talk about a change to our upcoming plans which mean we have a REALLY long moving day coming up! Then we head down to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, go to Caesar’s Palace for a buffet lunch, and then go out and play in the sand.


Getting Ready for RV Moving Day & Walmart Boondocking

On today’s episode we change our plans completely and decide to head south a day early to break up the long drive. We show you a bit of our regular moving day prep before discovering a tire issue. After topping off our tires we hit the road and roll into a Walmart to boondock for the night. We end the evening in a nearby Chick-fil-a where the kids burn off some energy in the playground and we get a “mini date”!

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