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RV Bunkhouse Organization | Grand Design 312BHTS

In today’s episode we tackle the kids room – the bunkhouse of our Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS. Since we’ve been moving less often lately, things have been getting a little messier than normal. The oldest is away at grandma’s house, so we took advantage of her absence to get in there and do some de-cluttering and cleaning.

RV Bunkhouse Organization

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  • Hello
    Thank you for stepping out as a family to pursue each other. My family will be ft rvers starting next week. We are a family of 10 with a dog and 83 yo grandmom we care for. I have been asked to start a channel for our adventures given our story and the uniqueness of our family yet am so confused on what to do. I love your website and how everything is connected. Would you be willing to share how to get started. What website, camera etc whatever else I need to know to get started. We have decided to leave it all for many of the same reasons as you. Leaving 5 acres lake dream home to 34 foot rv. To be all in as a family, financial freedom, and cash purchase on home. My husbands is pastor at a larger church here in dfw and ex pro football player so we are still somewhat stationary but will travel twice a month on his off time and live in various places to have the experience. Thank you for sharing.

    Lisa Davis

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