MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR RV! ??? | Plus an Airstream with Bunks!

In today’s BONUS episode from the Tampa Florida RV Supershow, we got to tour a $2.4 million RV, easily one of the most expensive RV’s on the market! It’s as over-the-top as you’re expecting. Make sure to take your shoes off and don’t touch anything! We also got to check out a completely empty Marathon coach to see how these multi-million dollar RV’s begin life, which was SUPER interesting to walk through. When you order one of these expensive monsters, you get to customize every inch of it and this is how that process begins.

After all of the big dollar dreaming, we walked across the convention center to the Airstream area and found a model with bunks – the Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk. Airstreams are incredibly beautiful and well built, but they don’t have slides and don’t really sleep a lot of people. This model is a step in the right direction for a larger family, but it’s still really tight. Check it out!

Expensive RV Tour