Bunkhouse Tour Part 1 – An In-Depth Look at Our RV

This is a great view of our bunkhouse, but it almost never looks this clean! We wanted to get some nice, clean, pretty shots of our RV, a 2018 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS, so we decided to start in the back with the room that goes from clean to chaos in about 3 seconds flat. This shoot was also a great excuse to do some cleaning and downsizing (yet again), so not only do y’all get to see our beautiful bunkhouse, we also get to toss out broken toys, donate small clothes, and recapture some of the dozens of stuffed animals hiding around the room and put them back into that striped “bean bag” below the window.⁣

The Perfect Space

Our kids LOVE this bunkhouse. Terra (9) sleeps and hangs out up on the bunk on the left where she has plenty of head room to sit up and read or play on her iPad or Switch. She uses those huge drawers below her bed as well as one of the big cabinets inside the stairs for her clothes and books.⁣

Brooke (4.5) is up on the right and also has plenty of room to read or play. She gets the three drawers in the stairs for her clothes and also has a toy box that lives at the foot of her bed for all of her dolls and their trillions of accessories.⁣

Ben (2.75) sleeps below Brooke’s bunk. His crib (now converted to a toddler bed) and dresser are down below where there was originally a jackknife sofa. Having room for his crib made the transition from the house to this RV pretty painless for him. He has a Star Wars toy box that fits on top of his dresser that is frequently upended in the middle of the floor! That boy LOVES his cars and dinosaurs!

See A LOT More

Stay tuned for more from this bunkhouse photo shoot coming soon, and then we’re moving on to the rest of the RV so y’all can get an even better feeling for our awesome little home on wheels! Let us know if you have any questions down below and we’ll be happy to answer them.

In-Depth RV Tour | Bunkhouse Part 1