Bunkhouse Tour Part 2 – An In-Depth Look at Our RV

First up on the in-depth bunkhouse tour of our 2018 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS is Terra’s sleeping and hang-out space. Terra, who will be 10 in about five weeks, is our oldest child by quite a few years. That makes her our largest child as well, so she needed the biggest bunk in the room. We originally thought she’d enjoy the upper bunk on the other side because it would be a little more private, but she wasn’t able to sit upright to read or play games, so this was the next logical choice.⁣

The Biggest Bunk

Terra loves this space because of how large and flexible it is. She has a window all to herself, plenty of head room, two huge drawers that she can reach from the bed, and a cool cargo net that holds books, cards, and whatever else she wants to put in there. This bunk is also much better for her because there are two outlets for charging her electronic devices. You can see one outlet in the photo under the first drawer, and another is over the foot of the bed where there are TV hook-ups. If she had been in Brooke’s bunk she wouldn’t have had any nearby outlets.⁣

There is also quite a bit of wall space in this bunk. Terra painted the unicorn canvas on the left at an art class a few weeks ago and loves hanging other pieces of her art on the walls (with command strips/hooks of course). She has also gone through several different styles of wall decals during our travels – the latest set of which is glow-in-the-dark stars and planets.⁣ The valance thing above the window also serves as a great little “display shelf” for some of her little decorations and toys.

A Comfortable Space

Overall, we knew Terra’s comfort was going to be the most important when picking out and setting up our RV for full-time living. She isn’t cramped, LOVES all the light and windows, and can easily get up and down on those big stairs instead of a shaky little ladder. The younger two kids (aka “the littles”) need to be comfortable too, but they take up way less space and complain a lot less than a 9-year old!

Stay tuned for a LOT more posts about our 312BHTS. We’re working our way through our rig one room and one space at a time. If you’re enjoying this in-depth look, make sure to bookmark our site, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Patreon.

In-Depth RV Tour | Bunkhouse Part 2