Bunkhouse Tour Part 3 – An In-Depth Look at Our RV

Brooke’s bunk is the next area on the in-depth bunkhouse tour of our 2018 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS. Our spunky little 4.5-year old is a curly-haired firecracker of a girl, but thankfully she sleeps as hard as she plays! This bunk is WAY bigger than she needs, but it’s also a good thing that she has the most isolated bed because she is the first asleep more often than not. Before we get too much farther, let’s answer the single most asked question on our 1.1-million+ view bunkhouse tour video: “How does Brooke get into her bed?” Most bunkhouses have ladders for upper bunks, but this RV actually didn’t come with one. This is fine though because Brooke is more than capable of climbing into and out of her bunk all on her own, and, without a ladder, her stuff is safe from her little brother.

Little Girl, Big Bunk

Like Terra, Brooke also enjoys having a window all to herself. We originally thought this was going to be a problem because that’s actually the emergency exit window for the room. Surprisingly enough she has never tried to open it even though she has seen us do it and knows how it works. It might help that the mattress gets in the way of the arm swinging inward a little bit, but Brooke also has a healthy respect for heights so we don’t think she has any interest in going out that way. She does like opening the shade and spying on our neighbors though!

Not pictured here is the toy box that lives at the foot of Brooke’s bed. Because she’s only about 42″ tall and the bed is almost 6′ long, we opted to use a bit of it for storing all of her toys. Also missing from this picture is the extra-fat pool noodle that lives under the outside edge of her mattress. This helps to keep her from rolling out of bed. Her love of sleeping with about 5 blankets helps keep her in place too.

A Loved and Lived-In Space

Every once in a while Brooke will let Ben up onto her bed and a LOT of cuteness ensues. The toy box also gets completely emptied out… We don’t let that happen too often! Brooke’s bed is definitely her domain and is often heavily populated with a constant rotation of stuffed animals. Or barbies, or LOL Dolls, or all three. Brooke loves her space so much that she’ll actually ask to go to bed early just so she can hang out alone with her toys before burying herself in blankets and going to sleep way before everyone else.

Stay tuned for a LOT more posts about our 312BHTS. We’re working our way through our rig one room and one space at a time. If you’re enjoying this in-depth look, make sure to bookmark our site, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Patreon.

In-Depth RV Tour | Bunkhouse Part 3