Bunkhouse Tour Part 4 – An In-Depth Look at Our RV

Our final space to take a closer look at in the bunkhouse of our 2018 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS is Ben’s area. When we started shopping for an RV 18 months ago, Ben was only 16 months old so he was obviously still sleeping in a crib. Cribs are, unsurprisingly, not standard issue furniture in RV’s. We have seen a lot of creative modifications to bunks to make them work for infants and toddlers, but we felt it would be easier on him (and us) to just have space to put his crib somewhere.

The 312BHTS comes with a jackknife sofa below the flip-up bed (Brooke’s bunk in our rig) so we opted to remove that and put his crib, an IKEA Gulliver, there instead. The big added bonus here was that his crib wasn’t as long as the sofa, and this left room for a drawer unit that works perfectly as his dresser. We have since converted his crib to a toddler bed by removing one of the sides when he started climbing out of it.

A Custom and Comfortable Space

You’re probably asking what those big green and blue boards are under his crib in the photo. They’re actually corn hole boards that Brian’s brother custom-made for us with our colors and logo and everything! We love them so much, but we don’t really have a good storage space for them because of their size. They just happen to kinda-sorta fit under Ben’s crib though, so that’s where they live when they’re not in use.

We store Ben’s toys in that awesome Star Wars box on top of his dresser. Ben’s room in our old house was Star Wars themed and we found a ton of really great decorations and storage pieces at Hobby Lobby, including that box and the R2-D2 pillow. It’s very sturdy and solid, so it doubles as a step stool when the kids want to help in the kitchen. Speaking of stars, the glow-in-the-dark decals that Terra bought had almost 300 pieces and she was happy to share them with her brother and sister. Ben was SO thrilled when we first turned the lights off and he had his own starry sky over his head!

Ben’s dresser is an ALEX drawer unit from IKEA. We actually had this in our home office prior to buying this rig, and we were thrilled when it fit perfectly in there with his crib. Because his clothes are so small we’re able to fit ALL of his clothes, PJ’s, socks, and extra sheets in there, leaving all the built-in storage in the room for the girls. Being able to customize your storage in an RV, especially if you’re full-timing, is very important. You’ll see more of this as we move through the other areas of our home on wheels in this In-Depth Look series.

Stay Tuned!

That about wraps it up for the actual bunkhouse area in our bunkhouse RV. If you didn’t see part 1, part 2, or part 3, make sure to check those out before moving on to the rest of this series. This RV has been perfect for our family of 5 – all of the kids have their own space to hang out, store books and toys, and sleep comfortably.

We’re glad we took the time and made the effort to go in more than 100 different RV’s before finding this one. The more floor plans we saw, the more we started to get a good sense of what we liked and what we didn’t want to “settle” on. This is our home, and we knew we had to be comfortable in this space if our full-time traveling life was going to be a happy experience. It definitely has been, and a lot of that is because of this great rig and how well it fits our family.

Stay tuned for a LOT more posts about our 312BHTS. We’re working our way through our rig one room and one space at a time. If you’re enjoying this in-depth look, make sure to bookmark our site, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Patreon.

In-Depth RV Tour | Bunkhouse Part 4