FULL-TIME RV TRAVEL PLANS 2019 | Where Are We Going???

In today’s episode we include you in our conversation for our 2019 full-time RV travel plans! We don’t know exactly what our route is going to be yet this year, but we DO have a few ideas and a couple rough route options, so come along with us to get an inside look at how we make our plans. There are a lot of things to consider… Do we stop for a school year? Where do we spend the winter? How fast do we want to move? Do we want to complete our lower 48 states map? Who and where do we want to visit? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

We need your help too! There’s a LOT we don’t know about the “middle states” and we know a lot of y’all live out there. What’s fun for a family with young kids? What tourist traps should we avoid? Where’s the best food??? Join in on the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook and Instagram:

See you next time!

RV Road Trip Planning