Living Room Tour Part 3 – An In-Depth Look at Our RV

Over on the other side of the main living room of the 2018 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS you’ll find our recliners and the larger of the two hutches. The recliners are our main seating area because they’re directly across from the TV. They also serve as our main dining and working spot too. This hutch is about a third of our pantry space and also contains a bunch of other things we’ll get into below.

Take a Seat

We spend a vast majority of our time in the RV in these two very comfortable chairs. When the kids want to join us for a movie, they drag blankets and pillows out and set up a comfy area on the floor. The recliners are also pretty great because they have lighting, a massage function, and even heating! There’s a nice big storage compartment under the central armrest, and we added that little command strip bin on the wall to help manage controllers and phones.

The only drawback to these seats is really how easy it is for things to fall under and behind them. Luckily they pull away from the wall pretty easily, though they are fairly heavy. The only thing we really wish we had with these seats is some sort of table solution. We’ve seen removable and reconfigurable tables in other RV’s and would love to figure out some way to get a similar option with these chairs.

Food, School, and More

The upper cabinets on the hutch serve as both a pantry and storage for various electronics, homeschooling supplies, and other things we want to keep out of reach of our two younger kids. We use small bins from IKEA to help keep things organized. They’re especially great with the higher shelves because they’re easy to grab and pull out. We tend to keep snacks and treats up in this hutch because it’s the farthest storage from the main food prep area. We keep ingredients, spices, and whatnot in the cabinets that are closer to the sink and stove.

We try to keep the middle shelf mostly clear of random clutter and instead put some of our few decorations here. Our travel map is a great fit here, as well as the letter board and a little fake plant from IKEA. The salt lamp is one of our favorite recent additions to the RV. We don’t know if it actually provides any of the purification or de-ionizing effects that they claim, but we love the light quality and it serves as a great nightlight that’s not too bright after dark.

The bottom cabinets are a little bit embarrassing! They’re chock full of kids books, LEGO bins, and other play and learning items that the littles can get into whenever they want. There isn’t much organization down there, but if you have young kids you know that even the best organizational system goes out the window when encountering a 2-year old. So we don’t really try to keep it sorted. If everything simply ends up back in there at the end of the day, we’re happy!

There’s Plenty More to This Room

This living room is huge, and there’s still a lot more to see. Next up we’re taking a look at the kitchen island, fridge, and front hutch. If you’re enjoying this in-depth look, make sure to bookmark our site, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Patreon.

In-Depth RV Tour | Kitchen Part 3