New Patreon Tiers and Reward Structure!

Hey everyone! We’ve been working hard to create exclusive content for our Five2Go Family on Patreon, and with the launch of our new Deleted Scenes series we also decided to overhaul our tiers and rewards to give our patrons a lot more Five2Go every week.

For as little as $2/mo you’ll become an official Five2Go Family Member and get access to exclusive patron-only content. The really fun stuff kicks in at $4/mo though – patron-only videos (including FULL episodes that won’t be shared on YouTube!), access to our secret Facebook group, monthly live chats, your name on our website, and we’ll even mail you some stickers to slap all over your stuff!

Want to see what kind of patron-only content we’re creating? Check out our first Deleted Scenes episode right here:

We’ve got a bunch more awesome stuff planned for the Five2Go Family in the coming months, so we added some cool new rewards to our tiers to go along with it. Things like monthly live chats, real-time travel plans, and more. Take a quick look and see which tier is right for you, then join our Five2Go Family and get ready to be part of the most awesome community on the internet!

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