Check Out Our ✂️ Deleted Scenes!

Things don’t always go perfectly when recording our episodes. Shocker, I know! Rather than just trimming out all of the mistakes and silly bits and never showing them to anyone, we’ve been making episodes full of deleted scenes instead!

Not sure what we mean by deleted scenes? Watch some right here:

There’s Plenty More Where That Came From

There are 14 of these episodes already available to our Five2Go Family Members on Patreon with new ones added with almost every episode we release. You’ll also find a few behind-the-scenes episodes, special videos made just for our Family, and even a full-length travel episode about our time in the Pacific Northwest that will never be released on our main YouTube channel.

Want to see more? Head over to the Five2Go Family site to watch all of them now and you’ll also get access to our private Facebook group, monthly live chats, cooking videos, and a bunch more! Oh yeah, and we’ll send you some stickers too! 😉