RV TOWING EXPLAINED With Truck & Trailer Examples!

RV towing isn’t as complicated as you might think, so we’re explaining all of the acronyms and numbers you need to know in only 3 minutes! We’ll cover UVW, GVWR, GCVWR, GCWR, payload, curb weights – everything!

If just seeing numbers isn’t enough, we also pick out four random RVs and four random tow vehicles and see which ones are good matches and which ones are definitely overloaded.

Make sure your truck can handle that big and beautiful new RV, and handle it safely. We see too many small trucks pulling big RVs and that is a recipe for disaster! Don’t be that guy…

RV and Truck Towing Diagrams

Here are some of the diagrams from the video so you can look at them more closely:

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