Cruise America Used Rental RVs for Sale – What Condition Are They In?

As you know we’ve been hunting for a used Class C for a little while now. We’ve seen everything from spotless and low-mileage but way over our budget to way under our budget but full of water damage and other issues. One place we never thought to look was at used rental RVs from a company like Cruise America, but one of our viewers tipped us off so we decided to check them out.

We were shocked by what we found:

So as you can see, these RVs are not your normal everyday Class C. They have a ton of upgrades, but they have been driven like rentals and come with upwards of 100k miles on the clock. We still have some more research to do and want to talk to others who have bought units like this, but for right now these are easily the top of our list!

Keep an eye on our channel to see if we end our search now that we’ve found these as an option. It’s not a guarantee at this point, so who knows…