Tour Our Bunkhouse RV – Reaction and Behind the Scenes

You’ve seen the video, now go behind the scenes with us as we watch it for the first time in two years! Our original RV tour video has almost 2 million views and has generated a LOT of comments and questions. We haven’t seen this video recently so watch along with us as we answer some of those questions, talk about things we changed in that rig over the years, and fire up an “um” counter for Erin… Nobody’s perfect!

Make sure to stick around to the very end for a sneak peek at a new series of videos we’re doing for the Five2Go Family on Patreon. Because of the current coronavirus scare and wanting to minimize the time we spend away from home, we’ve set up a green screen and are revisiting older episodes and sharing our thoughts and memories on past adventures. We went way back to our very first episode the other day and had a ton of fun watching that mess again.