The Truth About Matt’s RV Reviews and Buying From General RV Center!

It has been exactly a month since we purchased our new (to us) 2016 Fleetwood Bounder 36E Class Motorhome from @Matt’s RV Reviews at the @GeneralRV Center in Ocala, FL. We’re sitting down today to tell you the truth about the whole process and provide some tips and tricks about buying an RV from 2,000 miles away.

5 thoughts on “The Truth About Matt’s RV Reviews and Buying From General RV Center!

  • Thank you for the review. We are looking at RVs. We are considering the 2020 Coachmen FreeLander 22XG. This would be our first RV. How do I find the real MPG for these vehicles?

    Again, great information.

  • Theresa Parsons

    Thank you for the reviews, Matt and Andrea are Fantastic.
    My husband and I along with our youth who is Autistic, and graduates in two years, we’re thinking of going to matt, the issue is obtaining a permanent place for mail, and Driver License, etc.
    Matt did great with you guys.

  • Chris Oates

    Yes, I thought the buying process was very good as well. However, if you have an issue with your RV after you buy it, I wouldn’t expect Matt to do anything to help you out. That has been my experience. Called him about a problem we had with service at the General RV in Richmond, VA to see if he could help or provide any suggestions. Has not responded to any of my follow ups. Just left me completely hanging. Didn’t even respond to say that he couldn’t do anything. Also, never had a follow up from him to check to see how things were going since we bought. May be great to get you to closing but, since his service is non existent. So, be careful.

  • Thomas Floyd

    Hi – thanks for the video on Matt’s RV Reviews. Matt says he’ll get you the best price. Maybe you mentioned that and I missed it. Did you compare price at other dealers? Or, how did you know you got a good deal? Thanks.

  • Carol Smith

    Well I’m glad you guys had a pleasant buying experience from another state. We’re trying to buy one right from the business in Ocala. Stopped found one we liked said they would try to get financing. Did call us once we said the payment was a tad bit more than we told them. He said let him try something and (still don’t know his name) and have not heard back. Next day the insurance company from Michigan called to give us insurance quote we told him we don’t even know if we’re approved. General RV Center has $500 of our money that was part of our down payment. No one will talk to us. The woman answering the phone is very patient with us. All we want to know is are we approved or not and if not give us our $500 back. Oh I forgot to tell you this is day number 3 since we stopped at the business. We live 200 miles away so we can’t just drop in. If they say they will call you back don’t expect it.

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