Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals for RVers

It’s finally Prime Day again and we’re scouring Amazon for the best deals for RV gear, electronics, and other items that we use every day during our fulltime RV life. Here is what we’ve found so far:

Note: Five2Go is an Amazon Affiliate so we get a small commission for products purchased at Amazon if you click through any of the links on this page. All of the prices and deals that you see will be the same as going to Amazon any other way, but this is a great way to support us at no extra cost to you. Thanks guys!

Instant Pots

It seems like every RVer already has an Instant Pot, but if you don’t now is a great time to grab one for 33-53% off!


A lot of you saw the rugs that we have in our tour video and loved them. Well, now they’re on sale! There’s a huge selection of them discounted by 20% or more so head on over to Amazon and find the one perfect for your space.

Blink Wireless Cameras

We have been using Blink Wireless Cameras since well before we went fulltime. We had them around our house so we could keep an eye on things when we were away. Then when we hit the road we put them up in the rig so we could keep an eye on Vector while we were out exploring. They are completely wireless and operate off of two AA batteries for years, have built in motion and temperature sensors and alerts (which if perfect for RVs!), and tie into your existing wifi setup with ease. The best part is that you can just fire up the app on your phone and check the cameras from anywhere.

The outdoor ones are on sale right now at a fantastic price. Go get one of their kits – you’ll love them!

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

If you’ve been following us for a while you have definitely seen these before. They’re very affordable tablets made for kids and come with a 2-year warranty where they’ll replace a broken one, no questions asked, for free. Sound too good to be true? We’ve gone through the replacement process 5 times. Our kids are a little rough on tablets, haha! We also forgot to mention that they come with some pretty well-locked-down software that keeps kid-friendly stuff front and center so you don’t have to worry about the littles straying off into the dark corners of the internet…

Because they’re an Amazon product, they’re super cheap right now. Check them out!

Amazon Echo Dot

Smart speakers are everywhere but we think this is one of the better ones. We always have one of these around so we can easily get some music going, set a timer in the kitchen, check the weather forecast, and for tons of other uses. The 3rd generation model is down to a ridiculous $18.99 right now so it’s kind of a no-brainer to grab one at that price.

DJI Mavic Mini and Action Cams

Drones are super popular with RVers, and rightfully so. Action cameras are also a great alternative to carrying around a huge DSLR to capture everyday moments. Whether you have a YouTube channel of your own or are just making videos for family back home, DJI has some great gear to help you out. We have a DJI drone because they’re the best drones on the market, and $399 is a killer price for the Mavic Mini. We do use a GoPro action camera though so we don’t have any experience with the Osmo line, but they’re down to an amazing price as well.

Tons of Storage!

Whether you’re upgrading your camera or drone game or just adding more storage to your kit, now is definitely the time to stock up! Amazon Prime Day 2020 sees a ton of huge discounts on Western Digital and SanDisk SD cards, external hard drives, SSD’s, flash drives, and more. Head on over there and check it all out!

The Five2Go Amazon Store

While not specifically part of Prime Day, we did want to call out attention to our Amazon Store while we’re talking about RV gear. We maintain a few lists of all of the gear we use and love every day while RVing. If you’re new to the RV life or are looking to upgrade some of your gear, check out our lists for some great ideas.