RV Renovation is DONE! RecPro Dinette Install and Review

The final piece of our RV renovation is complete! We’ve already replaced the couch, got the new captain’s chairs installed up front a few months ago, and now we’re installing a brand new dinette from RecPro. When we first got this motorhome we knew that we may be changing a few things in the coming years but we certainly didn’t know we’d be replacing every piece of furniture in less than one year! Thankfully we’ve found an awesome partner in RecPro and they have some great quality RV furniture that made this project a breeze.

Also in this episode: a follow-up to the Magneshade install from last week. We got a lot of questions after the last video about how hard it is to take down and put up, so Brian gives it a shot!

Products and services mentioned in this episode:

5% Discount at RecPro: https://www.five2go.com/recpro
Magneshade: https://magneshade.com/