Travel Data Update – MUST READ!

You’re seeing this page because you clicked on a link (or typed in this URL) after watching one of our videos about internet options while RVing. The main video, titled “UNLIMITED and CHEAP Mobile Internet Setup for Remote Work While RVing“, was published in March 2021.

Travel Data no longer has the plans we talked about in the above video and has instead switched to higher-priced data-capped plans as of January 2023.

That being said, their service has been very stable for us and a great fallback to Starlink (which came out later in 2021, which is why it’s not in that video above). We no longer have a referral code with Travel Data and we are no longer endorsing them as of January 2023. If you’re still interested in their service, you can get to their website at

Keep an eye on our channel in the near future for an updated video on what we’re using for internet.

Thanks guys!

See you on the road,
Brian and Erin